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  2. What a special story, pictures, and video, thank you for sharing. My heart is both warmed and broken. You have given each a wonderful life they otherwise would not have had, whatever its length may be. Prayers and best wishes for Lovey and Lily. My beloved Rudy, lost two weeks ago, tested FeLV positive about a year old and lived another very happy healthy 2.5 years. His story is here:

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  4. Thank you so much for your kind words abut Carrie and my website. We grew to love and adore Carrie and her two beautiful kittens, Daisy and Missy even though we only had a short time with them. They were wonderful beings and so full of love. It was gut-wrenching when we had to put all of them to sleep….especially the two kittens as they had so little time on this earth.

    Lily and Lovey are thriving. They have their annual vet visit coming up next month and we are going to have them checked for FeLV again to see if just by chance they have outgrown the disease. We have been told that if they make it past the first year of their kitten hood, their chances of survival and outgrowing the disease are very good.

    Sine they are both in very good health (at least to our observation), we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be FeLV free and go on to live very long lengthy lives. they certainly act like they will!! They have brought my husband and I so much joy. They play constantly together and have learned to develop meaningful friendly relationships with our other two older cats.

    Lily is the only one that has a problem with one of our older cats. Lily doesn’t care for her too much and they hiss at each other when they get close. Lovey, on the other hand, engages the two older cats in a game of chase and that has endeared her to them.

    Other than the occasional hisses from Lily, we are a very happy cat family and doing very well.

    I went to your pet memorial site and checked out Rudy. What a sweet boy!!!! I can tell your heart is broken from your loss. He sounded like such a very special cat in your life. I am so sad for your loss and I completely understand your grief. Take it from one who has and still does feel the sting of bereavement from the loss of a dear loved animal……..you will never get over the loss, but it will get easier with the passage of time. Having our four living cats has been a huge help in my grieving experience.

    After I lost my first cat in 1980, I decided to not have any more animals for a while. That lasted three long years. Now that I have had animals consistently in my life since 1983, I now realize that to go without animal companionship that long after the death of a cat or a dog is not good for me or fair to the other wonderful animals that need good and loving homes.

    I know that Rudy’s death has hit you very hard. But, consider taking another loving animal and best friend into your life. Do it as a tribute to Rudy……that his impact on your life was one for the better and has inspired you to do the same for other sweet furry babies that need a home and a wonderful human parent.

    God Bless You.

    • Thank you so much for your reply, and for lighting the candle on Rudy’s memorial site (I read it and recognized the kitty names when it appeared). My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Lily and Lovey and I will be checking your site periodically to see if there are any updates.

      I feel the same way as your thoughts in your last paragraph. I have been searching for a ray of hope in the grief, and the only one I have really found is the belief that in dying, by leaving us, they are giving us one last selfless gift: that in time, if and when we are ready, in giving up their lives they have given us the chance to save another life.

      Seven months before Rudy died we heard a kitten crying in a restaurant parking lot and took him home and got him much-needed veterinary care and fostered him for three months. He went to a very good home (a couple who had recently lost their cat of many years and were just ecstatic to have a kitten) and will have a long happy life. If we hadn’t rescued him, I have no doubt Squeaky would not have made it through the winter. So we saved a life and then we lost one.



      On 7/12/13, Cat-a-Tonic: My Quest for a Feline Leukemia Cure

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